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Creating is a journey

But yes, it is also about the destination too. Creating is a fun process, and you have to fall in love with the process.

That’s why Whoever Media makes it easy and communicates every step of the way to ensure that you are
a happy panda eating bamboo snacks on the road, so nobody ever has to ask, “Are we there yet?” 











But….Are we there yet? 

Creating fantastic visuals is great, but creative services don’t end there. Crafting a plan to share those stories is important too.

Whether it’s sharing special moments to family and friends, or a social media plan to grow your business through visuals,
Whoever Media makes sure your story is shown and people connect with it. 





Capture and keep the memories of happiness with quality imagery that will continue to give you a smile. Keep the dreamy happiness and fast blur of the day in focus, and be at peace being yourselves.


Share the story of your love and get hyped for all the sparks. 


Cinematic visuals and expertly crafted stories to document your events or show the world a story.


Document the occasion and express yourself in photos that are intrinsically you.


Unique cinematic angles to establish the epic.


Express yourself, be you, get that instagram moment, boost confidence, tell a story. 


Want some fun photos or video clips for yourself, your instagram, or friend squad? 


It’s important. It’s also important to document these times because everything changes so much!


Something going on? I’ll be there. 








Zechariah Blackburn



A media company forever

Zechariah’s dream is to create art while giving clients the gift of memories and stories through film and photography, whatever that may look like for you. 

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