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Whoever Media was founded in 2018 by Zechariah Blackburn. It is a one-person creative media services company, producing photos and videos for private clients, as well as creating some fun online content, for more of that check out the blog

The best way to learn more is to contact Zechariah and follow! Let’s go! 

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Zechariah’s Note

I’ve been drizzling sweet storytelling maple syrup since 1995.  
Anything I can do to show love, hope, and crazy amounts of fun to whoever I come across is what I do.
I’ve grown up in Nebraska, but I was born in North Dakota, or what I like to call “South Canada.” 

I graduated from University of Nebraska Omaha with a Journalism degree. This gives me a keen eye for story through words, photos, and video. I see things from many angles and perspectives. I watched science fiction and detective shows instead of cartoons as a kid. I love films. 

I love taking pictures. I love making videos. 
I love telling stories. Whoever’s story. 
So much so that I started my own company, doing just that.


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Zechariah Blackburn